Store Pickup - (4.3)

Store Pickup
  • Store Pickup (4.3)

Magento Store Pickup acts as a Magento shipping extension that lets customers choose a specific store from your chain of stores to pick up products during checkout.

  • Create many stores, set addresses and opening time for each
  • Customers can select nearest stores at appropriate time
  • Use Google map to locate store’s address

magento store locator updateHot Update: New updated responsive Store Pickup & More store details such as shipping fee, lunch break time & store tags can be added

Recommended: Store Pickup is supported in Retailer Kit

Store Pickup in Magento 2 is also available

Community Edition 1.7 - 1.8 - 1.9.x
Enterprise Edition 1.9.x - 1.10 - 1.11 - 1.12 - 1.13 - 1.14.x
Perfectly Compatible with Security Patch SUPEE-8788 & 9652

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According to ComScore, 61% of shoppers would rather use free in-store pickup than pay for shipping. Thus, 72% of retailers start allowing Customers to purchase online before coming to a store and receive purchased products. If there is a chain of stores available, undoubtedly Customers will choose the nearest one as well as an appropriate time to arrive. How can the store-owner make that happen? The answer is Magento Store Pickup extension – the most professional Magento shipping extension, which allows setting up multiple Magento stores, showing addresses and opening time of each store for the Customers’ convenience.

Magento store pickup extension benefits - magento shipping extension



Magento store pickup extension - best magento shipping extension - how it works



1. Select Store and Time to pick up items at Checkout

In the Shipping Method section at checkout, Customers can conveniently and visually select a preferred store to get products right on Google map. Stores’ location and the real distance from Customers’ billing address to each store will help them in making decision.

When selecting a suitable pick-up date and time, store’s days off are disabled on calendar. Also, a message will be shown, notifying Customers to change another date if one of the store’s holidays is chosen.

Magento store pickup extension Select Store and Time to pick up items at Checkout - magento shipping extension

2. View/ Search Stores on the Store Listing Page

The stores listing page displays all store locations on Google map. Customers can easily narrow down possible choices within a specific area by using the search function.

Magento store pickup extension View / Search Stores - magento shipping extension

3. View details of a selected store

This Magento shipping extension allows customers to see store 's location along with other details when selecting a certain store. Besides store name, address and opening time, Customers can see store images and contact with the store manager if they have any question.

Magento store pickup extension (magento shipping extension) - View details of a selected store

4. Payment Method Association

The in-store pickup shipping method can be integrated with one or more payment methods. When a store is set with specific applicable payment methods, only these payment methods are available to Customers at checkout.

Magento store pickup extension Payment Method Association- magento shipping extension

5. Email Notification

This magento shipping extension will create email sent to store owners as notifications that customers want to pick up products from their stores. The emails let the store owners know the information of the orders, the products and the time of pick-up.

Magento store pickup extension Email Notification - magento shipping extension





For Customers

At checkout

    • Allow choosing free in-store pickup option as a shipping method (from multiple stores)
    • Show locations of all stores on Google map in the Shipping Method section
    • Allow selecting a preferred store on Google map or in the selector
    • Sort stores in the selector by distance
    • Auto-use selected store address as the shipping address on orders, invoice, email, etc.
    • Allow choosing a convenient pickup date and time
    • Disable store’s days off on calendar when selecting pickup date 
    • Notify Customers if one of store’s holidays is chosen as their shipping date
    • Show stores with different pin colors on Google Map
On Store Listing page
    • List all stores with detailed information, including store name, address, opening time, description
    • Allow searching for specific stores by name, city, state, country on Google map
    • Show stores’ location on Google map along with their details
    • Show images of a selected store
    • Allow emailing store managers via the contact form
After checkout
  • Enable Customers to view/ print order with the pick-up store location on the map
  • Enable Customers to receive their order email with information about the pickup store
  • Responsive Magento Store Pickup extension (Hot)
  • Work as a Magento standard shipping method
  • Supports multiple stores
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Compatible with Magestore's One Step Checkout extension, Idev's One Step Checkout and Gomage's Light Checkout
  • Work with the new version of Google Map API
  • Open source 100%
  • License Certificate valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations (No license key required).
  • Easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface
For Admin

Quick and professional multi-store setup

    • Add new stores manually or import from CSV files
    • Set address, location, opening time, description for each store
    • Get store coordinates based on Google API
    • Add contact information of store owners
    • Add images of each store showroom
    • Add shipping fee for each store (New)
    • Add lunch break time for each store (New)
    • Allow adding store tags (New)
    • Allow resetting store position by clicking a point on Google map
    • Allow uploading preferred image for store pin icon shown on Google Map (New)
    • Manage Customer messages, related orders of each store
    • Allow using Store Pickup shipping method when creating orders in back-end
    • Customize store’s pin color on Google Map 
Convenient opening time management
    • Quickly setting up working date and time for multiple stores when importing stores from CSV files 
    • Set interval of pick-up time for stores
    • Allow applying Monday time schedule to other days when creating/ editing stores 
    • Allow setting holidays for a period of time
    • Allow setting holidays for multiple stores at once
    • Allow setting special days with special working time for selected stores
Timely email notification
    • Send notification emails to the owners of selected pick-up stores with information of Customers’ orders, products and times of pick-up
    • Allow sending email to store owner when order status is changed
    • Able to modify the default email template to store owners/ web-shop admin in Transactional Emails if needed
Easy configuration for a chain of stores
  • Set different positions of the link to store-list page: top link or footer link
  • Enable/ Disable searching store by Country, State, City, and Store Name
  • Enable/ Disable displaying pickup time/ date in front-end
  • Allow integrating the store pickup shipping method with one or more fixed payment methods
  • Implement Google map API to calculate real distance between Store and customer address
  • Allow calculating distance by miles or kilometers 
  • Able to configure the number of stores shown in dropdown list at checkout with real distance
  • Able to choose default store when customer select “store pickup” as shipping method at checkout

Release Notes

Version 4.3 (Updated on Aug 2016)

  • Fix bugs from previous version

Version 4.1 (Updated on 8 July 2015)

  • Updated responsive interface (Hot)
  • Allow adding shipping fee for each store
  • Allow adding lunch break time for each store
  • Allow adding store tags
  • Allow uploading preferred image for store pin icon shown on Google Map
  • Remove bugs of the previous version

Version 4.0 (upgraded on Apr 29th 2014)

  • Allow setting special days with special working time for selected stores
  • Allow setting holidays as a period of time
  • Allow setting holidays for multiple stores at once
  • Allow adding Date and Time to CSV files when importing stores
  • Allow applying Monday time schedule to other days when creating/ editing stores
  • Allow calculating distance by miles or kilometers
  • Customize store’s pin color on Google Map
  • Rewrite stores’ URLs instead of using store ID to make them more friendly
  • Optimize configurations in backend
  • Redesign the View Store section at checkout and the Store Listing page
  • Sort stores in selector by distance at checkout
  • Allow Customers to choose pickup time only after choosing a store and a pickup date
  • Disable store’s days off on calendar
  • Show pickup date and time in Shipping Method review (right column on checkout page)
  • Update to be compatible with One Step Checkout extensions: One Step Checkout from Magestore, One Step Checkout from Idev and Light Checkout from Gomage
  • Fix error not showing Google map on Store Information pages in backend
  • Fix error occurring when calculating distance
  • Fix issue with date format
  • Fix error occurring when showing Store Pickup’s map on invoices and printed orders

Version 3.9 (upgraded on Jul 16th 2013)

  • Fix error occurring when running on IE.
  • Fix error occurring when configuring to limit the number of stores shown on the Checkout page

Version 3.8 (upgraded on May 21th 2013)

  • Work with the new version of Google Maps API.

Version 3.7 (upgraded on April 18th 2013)

  • Fix error occurring when print invoice to PDF file.

Version 3.6 (upgraded on Feb 18th 2013)

  • Fix error of always showing max zoom level when customers view each store map.
  • Fix error occurring when translating labels by CSV files.
  • Fix error of email sending when creating orders in Backend.

Version 3.5 (upgraded on Dec 17th 2012)

  • Add multi-store features.

Version 3.4 (upgraded on Oct 12th 2012)

  • Improve speed of loading and calculating store distance.
  • Add feature of paging for all store views page.
  • Totally compatible with Magestore One Step Checkout extension.
  • Fix error of not showing store image in Shipping/Invoice page (in back-end).

Version 3.3 (upgraded on Oct 1st 2012)

  • Fix error of translation in backend.
  • Add function of sending email to store owner when order status is changed.
  • Allow admin to choose default store when customer checks out by store pickup

Version 3.2 (upgraded on Aug 23th 2012)

  • Allow administrator to add image(s) to all store showrooms.
  • Enable customers to contact both store owner and admin via email.

Version 3.1 (upgraded on Jul 2nd 2012)

  • Fix error that occurs while checking-out using Paypal Express.
  • Compatible with Magento Enterprise 1.12.

Version 3.0 (upgraded on Apr 16th 2012)

  • Allow creating order that uses store pickup method in back-end.

Version 2.3 (upgraded on Mar 24th 2012)

  • Work with new version of Google Map (API v3).

Version 2.2 (upgraded on Nov 21th 2011)

  • Compatible with One Step Checkout extension.
  • Fix error that occurs while saving billing address.

Version 2.1 (upgraded on Oct 27th 2011)

  • Optimize the speed of loading stores in checkout page.
  • Fix bugs of javascript when store address has special characters.
  • Fix error: cannot save information if using Paypal express payment.

Version 2.0 (upgraded on Apr 7th 2011)

  • Show Google map on the store list page. Customers can view all searched stores on the map.
  • Show Google map on the checkout page. Customers can select shipped store by clicking store on the map.
  • Fixed issue: customer can checkout without selecting store (when using store map and date&time shipping are disabled).

Version 1.4 (upgraded Feb 25th 2011)

  • Fixed issue: Element "free-location-box" is null.
  • Fixed issue: can't find element date&time when selecting No for Display pickup time/date (configuration).
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