Magento Extension Installation

  • Magento Extension Installation


Avoid mistake from the beginning & focus on boosting your sales?

Even with powerful Magento extension, you cannot utilize its features on your web-store if you do not complete the installation properly.

Magestore - as a pro in providing Magento extension - also support in Extension Installation Service. Do it right from the most basic step like installing extension to create an unbeatable Magento system.

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Why should use?

You are store owners but you are not really familiar with installing new extension to Magento system. Instead of hiring Magento developers that you don't actually know how good he is, why don't you send the request to us? Let one of the top 3 Magento providers - Magestore - handles the extension installation for you. The task seems to be easy but if you do not install a new extension in a proper way, it might cause the conflict among extensions or disable some functions of both new and current installed extensions.

In addition, we include the testing process to ensure everything onsite runs smoothly after extension installation. As working with Magento extensions for years, we make sure the installation process is completed with speed and high standard level.

What Benefits?

The Extension Installation Service includes

  • Tick Benefits Install any Magestore extension with the appropriate version on the client's website
  • Tick Benefits Ensure installation is done quickly and completely
  • Tick Benefits Check for the performance onsite, make sure it functions properly and do not create conflict to other extensions
  • Tick Benefits All testing data such as products, rules, packages are inserted upon request

How It Proceeded?

Install Extension in less than 48 hours

magento extension installation - step 1

Step 1

Process to purchase the service for 01 or more extension(s). You can choose the option "Installation +$50" on pricing boxes

magento extension installation - step 2

Step 2

After payment completed, Technical Team will request for FTP account, Magento admin account & Cpanel/ phpMyAdmin account to work with

magento extension installation - step 3

Step 3

Enable all caches before uploading file of the extension that you requested with the matching version

magento extension installation - step 4

Step 4

Refresh caches, check to see if it works normally & review for any conflict. Confirm the result with our Technical Team

Terms & Conditions

  • Tick Benefits The installation service is available for Magestore extensions exclusively
  • Tick Benefits In case you have purchased our installation service for a Magestore extension, when the new updated version is applied, we offer you 01 FREE re-installation. For any other request about re-installing, the fee will be charged as normal
  • Tick Benefits If you want us to support installing Magento platform as well as your purchased extension, the service fee will be $150 including $100 for Magento and $50 for the extension
  • Tick Benefits The reward points you earned in previous purchases do not apply to this service
  • Tick Benefits Generally, it takes about 01 day to install any extension. You will be notified when any problems arise
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