Daily Deal Checklist - Urge Your Customers to Close More Sales Before the Deal Ends

Daily Deal Checklist
  • Daily Deal Checklist

Running discounts in a short time is 1 of the best ways to boost your sales as it gives customers the urgency to close more sales before the deal ends. Using a Magento Daily Deal extension is the most time-saving solution to manage multiple deals with the most professional display in any devices.

  • Create a deal for one or multiple products in a few simple steps
  • Generate multiple deals randomly using Deal Generator
  • Display hot deals in many different positions
  • Support responsive themes

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Why you'd need a Daily Deal extension for your Magento site

Do you know that nearly 83 million people subscribe to a daily deal site to seek for discount (success.com)? Apparently, price is the first thing that springs in Customers’ mind when they consider similar products. Acknowledging this behavior, Daily Deal extensions are built for Magento sites to help you easily create and manage deals for one or multiple products easily. Customers can’t help but visit your site every day to check on new bargains.

Magento Daily Deal Extension -  benefits


How a daily deal extension works


Magento Daily Deal Extension - how it works


what basic features that you'd need in a Daily Deal extension

You should be able to create deals manually for each selected product and easily set up:

  • the amount of discount
  • the Qty. can be sold at discounted pricec
  • the duration time of deals
  • thumbnail image for each deal

You also can conveniently generate a bulk of deals for unlimited products by using Deal Generator. It will save you a lot of time because daily deals are auto-created on your site with random discounts and Qty. as you configured in backend.

Magento Daily Deal Extension - create magento daily deal

You should display deals in many positions to catch visitors’ attention.

Magento Daily Deal Extension - show deals in many positions

The easy access to the full list of deals in one click certainly does the trick. Customers will tend to buy more and more products as they don’t want to miss a bargain.

Discount price and countdown timer are shown attractively to encourage Customers to click on the Buy Now button without any hesitation.

Magento Daily Deal Extension - deal information

Of course the system needs to notify your customers if their required qty. is higher than the qty. left or the maximum qty. allowed to buy.

Magento Daily Deal Extension - error messages



Full Checklist to find a qualified Magento Daily Deal extension


For Admin
  • Allow store owner to create and manage deal(s) manually for each selected product
  • Able to generate random deals for multiple products by using Deal Generator
  • Enable to show deals in left or right sidebar
  • Able to set start time and close time for each deal
  • Automatically change deal status when deal is expired
For Customers
  • Able to view deals on the daily deals listing page, product page and sidebar of each page
  • Easily place orders for dealt items with discounted prices in a certain time period
  • Support responsive themes
  • 100% Open Source
  • Easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface

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