Custom Invoice Number Checklist

Custom Invoice Number Checklist
  • Custom Invoice Number Checklist


You are a store owner and you wanna customize your invoice number for several objectives (like for lucky draw game, promotion types...) instead of using Magento default number, a Custom Invoice Number is perfect for you with:

  • Show the custom invoice number on admin page, invoice print…
  • Manage invoices by groups of customers, products…

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Why using Custom invoice number

In original Magento, invoice number is increased automatically, such as: 100000001, 100000002; Many web-store owners find it hard to track their orders as they may want to manage invoices according to days, or groups of customers... So a Custom Invoice Number is your perfect match! That kind of module will help you create invoice number in any format you like.

What you should expect from a Customer Invoice Number Module

  • When you create a new invoice, there's a textbox for you to enter your preferred text or number to be the invoice number.
  • The custom invoice number will be shown in admin page, invoice print
  • Admins can manage invoices according to groups of customers, or products


  • Open source 100%.
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • User-friendly interface.

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