Community Help Desk Checklist - Create a question and answer site for programmers like Stackoverflow.com

Community Help Desk Checklist
  • Community Help Desk Checklist

How to make your customer support more quickly? Build a forum like Stackoverflow.com – a question and answer site for programmers to help your customers:

  • Search for topics related to products they concern by tags
  • Interact with others by replying, voting for quality topics and comments

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Why you should build a question-and-answer forum in your site

Do you want your customers to engage more on your site and interact with each other so that you can listen to them and improve your products and services? A Magento Community Help Desk extension is truly the answer you are looking for. With this type of extension, your customers can build a community themselves and get support from others. Even more interesting, it is integrated into each product page, thus customers now have more information before making a buying decision. Magento Community Help Desk extension | Benefits

How to build your own community

Magento Community Help Desk extension | How it works

Let's see must-have features that help you in building your forum

Users can look for topics that are being discussed by tag system, most comments, most votes or un-replied topics. Magento Community Help Desk extension | Search for topics
Also, users after logging in can start a new topic by asking questions about product, service or other related areas. Magento Community Help Desk extension | Start a new topic
Users can comment and vote for topics that are contributory. Helpful answers can be set as official answers by Admin. Magento Community Help Desk extension | Comment and vote for topics

Community Help Desk is both integrated into each individual product page and also displayed in its own page, supported by tag system.

Magento Community Help Desk extension | Community Help Desk on Product Page

Admin can manage topics, users and tags that are activate on Community Help Desk.

+ Topic : enable/disable, control its tags, creators, comments

+ User: set moderator, the topic and comments they create, their log action

+ Tag: tag information, its related topics and products

Magento Community Help Desk extension | Manage topics, users, tags

Admin can control activities of moderator in terms of: Topic (edit tags/content, delete topic); Comment (edit, set official comment, delete comment) and Normal Uuser (ban account).

Magento Community Help Desk extension | activities of moderator
Admin can control email activities such as sending password to user who used email to post topic/ comment, notify user when there is a new comment on topics they started or are following. Magento Community Help Desk extension | Email Configuration



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For Users
  • Search for topics associated with the product of interest right in the product page by locating tag system, entering any keywords, viewing latest replied topics, most voted topics or comments, unreplied topics
  • Create, comment, vote for topics, replies 
  • Be moderator of one or more topics where they can edit or delete topics, comments and tags, control other users’ activities
  • Keep track of community by receiving emails when someone comments on topics they are following or have created
  • Log in by using social network accounts
For administrators
  • Set popular tags themselves or by number of topics
  • Set number of popular tags and topics displayed on home page
  • Manage related topics, tinymce, captcha, topic suggestion 
  • Configure email sending with password for new users, new comments for topic creators/followers
  • Control moderator’s activities related to topic, comment and other normal users’ actions
  • Enable or disable social login

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