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Magento 2 is the latest version of the leading eCommerce platform, providing powerful new features to boost sales and increase productivity with top-notch performance and smooth navigation that customers appreciate. However, Magento 2 also has brought a lot of new challenges, which makes it difficult for store owners in managing as well as selecting the most suitable Magento 2 extensions for the web store to maximize revenue. Partly, there aren’t enough Magento 2 extensions, partly because the Magento 2 default features aren’t enough to satisfy your requirements, especially for complicated stores.

If you are running an eCommerce site, sure that you know eCommerce ERP system for eCommerce store. ERP is known as the key to handle everything from inventory management, purchase order management, to order fulfilment. By using a robust ERP system, you can completely revolutionize the way you handle your eCommerce business and maximize profit. In order to achieve this goal, take a look at the following Magestore Order Success combo which is known as must-have simple and basic ERP system for Magento 2 store and select one of the incredible extensions for your store.

Magestore offers Order Success combo with 05 available extensions including Inventory Management, Barcode Management, Purchase Management, Order Fulfillment & Dropship. Besides the features of separate extensions, all extensions in Order Success combo are well-integrated with each other to bring more features for your store. In order to discover the features of each extension in Order Success, let’s keep on reading!

Inventory Management Magento 2

This extension is a perfect solution for small and medium businesses, especially online retailers to easily control the messy stock without any hassles. Inventory Management Magento 2 lets you edit, adjust, transfer stock in line. With stock management feature, it is a really easy work to update hundreds of products in your warehouse. In addition, this extension can automatically suggest which products are running out of stock in upcoming days and predict Qty for a period time in the future. The tool supports multiple warehouses and you can easily connect it to third-party systems and modules.

Magestore Inventory Management Magento 2

Barcode Management Magento 2

With Barcode Management Magento 2, you can eliminate errors and cut cost on your stock management. Barcode Management Magento 2 allows you generate one barcode or many barcodes for a product, print barcode, edit barcode templates and manage them in the backend. The extension can work independently without Inventory Management. However, you can combine them with each other to empower your stock management system.

Magestore Barcode Management Magento 2

Purchase Management Magento 2

This module is the key to keep your suppliers, quotations and purchase orders under control. You can easily create suppliers and manage the product flow from suppliers to your warehouses. With this extension, you will turn purchase order management into a piece of cake converting POs from quotations or create them manually, which save 90% of your time and eliminate any errors. It allows you to contact suppliers and inform them about orders and quotation with the help of emails.

Magestore Purchase management magento 2

Order Fulfillment Magento 2

Order Fulfillment will help get your orders prepared and shipped fast and simply. This extension allows to create new orders, manage all orders and track order fulfillment process the fastest, simultaneously supports to send request to multi-warehouse easily & correctly. With touch-screen supported, staffs does not need to use mouse and keyboard to complete orders. This is really convenient, especially in Pick and Pack steps.

Magestore Order Fulfillment Magento 2

Dropship Magento 2

Magento 2 Dropship is considered as a bridge connecting your suppliers and your customers, is the simplest dropship process ever. With Dropship, the retailer does not keep products in stock but can transfer sales orders to the wholesaler/supplier. The order process is kept track easily via notification emails. If you want to shorten order age, save money on shipping and inventory, this extension is for you.

Magestore Dropship Magento 2

If you are looking for some extensions to reinforce a success and simplified ERP system for Magento 2 Store, set of five above extensions is for you.

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