Promotional Gift Magento 2 - Offer Free Gifts & Cross-sales with ease (Buy X get Y free, Buy X get Y with 50% off) - (1.0)

  • Promotional Gift Magento 2 (1.0)

    Magento 2

Now, you can run different promotions at the same time with the help of Magento Promotional Gift(Bonus Magento Free Gift Template Today!)

  • Run promotions such as: "Buy X - Get Y free", "Purchase over $200 - Get Y at 50% off"
  • Can use any types of product as gift
  • Get insight report statistics of Order total and Gift value
  • Promote your campaign anytime, anywhere with Ads Management

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New version updated: v.3.0 with well-designed layout, new campaign promo feature plus enhanced Shopping cart rule and Catalog rule.

Fully compatible with Magento 2 for Merchant (Community Edition)


Do you know nearly 90% of customers said they were “somewhat likely” to buy more frequently from an online store after getting a gift? Instead of offering direct discounts, Promotional Gift - Magento gift extension - gives you an edge by running marketing programs which offer Customers free gifts or discounted items when they purchase at your store. You can comfortably create multiple rules and reward purchases that reach your set conditions. A great idea for your new product launch campaigns, right? Just give customers an amazing added-value and they won't hesitate to return to your store!

magento promotional gift extension - magento free gift - Magento buy x get y free- Benefits


How it works

magento promotional gift extension - magento buy x get y free gift - How it works


Features Detailed

+ Run unlimited free gift promotions with different conditions

Using this Magento promotion extension, you can run unlimited offers with free gifts and discounted items at your store. For example, customers will get promotional gifts when they buy certain products or products of a specific category.

magento promotional gift extension (buy x get y free for magento)- magento free gift - Offer Free Gift for specific products/ categories

It’s also possible to offer gift items based on shopping cart info such as order value, quantity in cart. Running programs like “Free gifts for shopping cart with subtotal over $500” is definitely a great idea, right?
You can set multiple rules to be applied at the same time, and all offered rules are displayed in 1 single popup.

magento promotional gift extension - magento buy x get y free - Select gifts on shopping cart page

What if you want to give away some free products on every Friday but hate enabling the promotion manually each week. In this case, Magento Promotional Gift calendar feature will become handy as you can set the frequency of campaigns in daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

magento promotional gift extension - magento gift extension - buy x get y free - Promotion event calendar

+ Flexibly configure gifts and discounted items offered in each promotion campaign

Depending on your marketing strategies, you may want to offer gift products totally free of charge or not. This promotion extension helps you easily set a certain discount percentage for them.

magento promotional gift extension - magento free gift - buy 1 get 2 extension for magento - Configure quantity and discoutn of each gift

Not only simple products but also can you set configurable products, bundle products or grouped products as gift items.

magento promotional gift is a magento buy x get y free extension - Support all types of product

In addition, you can limit gift offers to targeted customers only by setting coupon codes. magento promotional gift extension - buy x get y extension for magento - Use coupon to receive free gifts

+ Promote Promotional Gift programs on different pages

With magento promotion extension, it can't be easier to attract your customers to your gift promotions since their information is displayed on many different positions. Using v.3.0's new feature - Ads management - you can display your ads in different format, at checkout page or shopping cart page.

magento promotional gift extension - magento free gift - Show Promotional Gift information on many pages with magento buy x get y free


Features Full List

Flexibly set rules for Free Gift Promotions

  • Use catalog and shopping cart rules to offer free Magento gifts with purchase. For example: Present free gifts when purchasing a certain product/ products of a specific category, Present free gifts based on brand, price and other product attributes, Offer gifts for orders reach $X, Offer gifts for orders of X or more items... (Featured)
  • Allow using multiple shopping cart and catalog rules simultaneously. Gift options are displayed in a popup and customers can choose from applicable rules (New)
  • Allow customers to choose free gift or Auto-add free gifts to cart when customers add main products to cart
  • Auto-add free gifts to cart when customers add main products to cart
  • Auto-update the quantity of free gifts when Customers update the quantity of main products
  • Limit the number of customers receiving gifts
  • Create coupon codes for free gift promotions based on shopping cart rule
  • Can set the frequency of promotional offers such as every Friday (Exclusive)
  • Report statistics of Order total and Gift value in chart (Exclusive)

Configure gift products offered in Magento special promotions

  • Discount gift items by percentage or by a fixed amount (Featured)
  • Offer a set of products for customers to choose as gifts (Exclusive)
  • Use many product types to be free gifts: simple product, configurable product, bundle product, grouped product and "not visible individually" product (Exclusive)
  • Set maximum quantity of each gifted product
  • Allow customers to select and edit options of gift items after adding to cart
  • Allow free shipping for gift products
  • Allow customers to search for gift promotions within a period

Promote Free Gift programs on different pages

  • Create a dedicated Promotional Gift page showing all promotions and products with free gifts (Hot)
  • Show Free Gift information on product listing pages and product pages
  • Display Promotional Gift ads in different formats (using CMS Block) at shopping cart page, checkout page or any other places. (New)
  • Allow showing Promotion Gift's top link on site (New)


  • Support multiple websites
  • Open source 100%
  • License Certificate valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations (No license key required).
  • Easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface
  • Responsive Gift-selecting slide (New)

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