Plugins for Magento Affiliate Plus extension

These below plugins are released to add more features to your Affiliate program. You can select the plugins that best meet the needs of your store or install all of them to have the most powerful Affiliate program. Please note that these plugins can just work after you have installed an edition of Affiliate+ (Standard/Platinum/Custom).

  • Affiliate Coupon plugin | Magento Affiliate Plus extension

    With this plugin added to Affiliate Plus Standard, you can generate & provide each affiliate with a unique coupon to refer friends.

    Affiliate Coupon plugin (4.3)

    Price $50.00
  • Multiple Program plugin | Magento Affiliate Plus extension

    This plugin leverages Affiliate Plus Standard to another level with unlimited affiliate programs. You can set many different commissions, discounts and conditions for different store views.

    Multiple Program plugin (4.3)

    Price $50.00
  • Tier Commission plugin | Magento Affiliate Plus extension

    As an add-on of Affiliate Plus Standard, Tier Commission plug-in enables your affiliates to refer others to sign up as affiliates so that they can enjoy commissions from these lower-level affiliates.

    Tier Commission Plugin (4.3)

    Price $50.00
  • Direct Link plugin | Magento Affiliate extension

    Affiliate Direct Link plug-in allows affiliates to register their domain & then freely use the original URLs of landing pages (without any affiliate tracking code) to refer visitors.

    Direct Link plugin (4.3)

    Price $50.00
  • Affiliate Commission by Level Plugin | Magento Affiliate Extension
    This plugin helps you to encourage your affiliates to increase your sales by giving them additional commissions based on a certain sales or order amount.

    Affiliate Commission by Level plugin (4.3)

    Price $50.00